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This is an “all in one” page which basically includes an about me page, a links page, and a blogroll. I’m too lazy to code them separately.

Things to know:

  • The left portrait size is 150px by 410px (it automatically rezises). Although the picture automatically resize it looks best with the above mentioned dimensions
  • all you have to do with this page is literally plug in your information. 
  • I recommend using tumblr static uploader to upload your pictures
How to install a page:
  1. Go to your customize page, scroll down the gray left sidebar until you see pages
  2. click on add a page and a screen should come up asking for the  page url and some other options
  3. Create your url. And where it says standard layout, click on it and choose custom layout
  4. Plug in the code, click create page then save page
  5. You are done.


Posted 01/18/13 — 1 year ago
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